Australia has long held a reputation for producing some of the best quality beef cattle in the world and being of BSE-free. UWE is an active participant in the beef cattle industry, supplying grass and grain-fed Angus cattle and specific cuts tailored to customer requirements. We have invested in a 6000 acre cattle farm in Currabubula NSW housing close to 5000 head of pure black young Angus to ensure only the best product possible reaches our customers.

2005-Harvest-012-150x150Oaten Hay

UWE supplies a variety of oaten hay grades that meet various international requirements. Due to unrestricted industry standards on quality parameters, we have developed specific oaten hay standards to satisfy various export markets. We have direct contracts with our suppliers to ensure continual and quality supply. We also have a joint venture with Bright Foods in a oaten hay packing facility in the Riverina region NSW with the ability to process up to 50,000 tonnes annually.


Initially regarded as a common feed grain for beef, dairy, pigs and poultry industries, sorghum has since garnered increasing demand particularly from Asia for its use in alcohol manufacturing. Australian exporters of sorghum strictly enforce Grain Trade Australia (GTA) quality standards. Our farmers follow strict sorghum quality management systems and quarantine procedures to ensure quality meets the requirements of China’s Inspection Quarantine.  By working closely with our suppliers, we are able to ensure the best quality grain for our customers.


Australian barley in both malt and feed grades is renowned for its high quality and being contaminant-free. UWE is a major exporter of barley and has a significant presence across Australia’s barley market. By actively working with our suppliers throughout Australia, we are able to offer a wide variety of barley grades suitable for our customer’s needs. This includes barley for brewing beer, human consumption as well as animal feed.


Canola has grown into becoming Australia’s largest oilseed crop; accounting for over half of Australia’s oilseed production. We can source both Australian GMO and non GMO canola, depending on our customer’s needs. Planting starts in late April and is harvested from November annually. We work closely with farmers during the growing process to ensure that quality is maintained throughout the supply chain.


UWE is a significant partaker in the wheat industry, exporting soft, hard and endurance wheats to various destinations, in particular Asia. We source a range of wheat grades for both feed and human consumption with a strong focus on high protein wheats from the Prime Hard regions of Northern New South Wales and Queensland to complement Asia’s burgeoning noodle industry. 


Cottonseed is a valuable source of protein for livestock feed. Whole Australian cottonseed is usually sold on a minimum of 16-18% protein but actual results normally centre around 20%. Australia’s average cottonseed production is roughly 1.5 million tonnes per annum. UWE was one of the first Australian exporter of cottonseed to penetrate the Chinese market in 2010 and the first bulk vessel of 30,000 mt cottonseeds to China in 2011.