UWE Hay and who we are
The UWE Hay processing and packing facility is a joint venture between United World Enterprises, Shanghai Dairy Group and the Bright Food Group. Shanghai Dairy Group has over 70,000 head of dairy cattle; all of which require a consistent source of quality oaten hay for increasing milk production. The facility is 
able to guarantee a level of demand to the local growing community with our ability to output and export levels of over 50,000 metric tonnes annually.

The DAFF and AQSIQ accredited facility situated within the Western Riverina Intermodal Freight Terminal in Southern New South Wales, is in close proximity to railway lines and is ideally located to source premium grown Oaten Hay from the surrounding region. Through employing the latest state of the art hay press, we are able to achieve significant efficiencies in operation speed and flexibility in bale sizes in the preparation for export.

What is it?
Oaten hay is a grass cereal which is used as a prime source of digestible fibre for livestock. Australian oaten hay, in particular, is of high digestible fibre with characteristics of sweet aromas fine-like textures. It is highly regarded as a super food for dairy cattle in increasing milk production. 

Australian oaten hay has gained a reputation for quality characteristics comprising of soft textures, high energy content, very low contamination, non-GMO and low levels of potassium and nitrate nitrogen; all of which are exhibited from south-west New South Wales hay, which is where we also predominantly source our product from.

Australian oaten hay has been traded internationally since the 1990s’ and has become increasingly renowned and regarded in the Asian market for being a reliable and safe feed for particularly dairy cattle.

How is it used?
Oaten hay is always the preferred source of fodder for dairy cattle mainly due to its high digestibility and palatability. With high levels in water soluble carbohydrates, oaten hay provides dairy cattle with a reliable source of energy that can be efficiently utilised by the rumen microflora resulting in increased milk production and sustained live weight gain. It is a safe feed and is usually fed alone or as part of the total mixed ration to dairy cows.

Growth and Demand
There has been significant growth and demand for Australian oaten hay in the past decade, driven predominantly by China’s phenomenal economic growth and demand within the dairy industry. Whilst most Asian destinations import fodder from other countries, Australia’s close geographical location and the quality of oaten hay has realised increased demand, influencing the choices growers can make when selecting what crops to grow for the coming season. Our site selection brings an export demand that the region has not seen for many years. 



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